Cloud Infrastructure

Barry graduated from The University of Aberdeen with a degree in Psychology. He has over four years of experience working in the Sydney IT market. Having previously worked for global search companies he has flourished at Naviro, winning their much coveted ‘Salesman Of The Year’ jacket in 2014/15, and has great success in filling hard to fill positions in the field of Linux / Cloud / AWS for a variety of Web Based environments and organisations who have adopted the “DevOps” philosophy and culture.

Barry was also a football prodigy in his younger days representing his country and signing for then SPL side Dunfermline F.C. He still is in some respects as a regular attendee and Man of the Match for League Champions Naviro F.C. He has also tried his hand at boxing taking part in three corporate boxing matches. Barrys competitiveness and personable nature is a successful combination in the Sydney market place.