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A critical component

Contract and temporary workers have, and continue to be, a critical component in the success of many organisation’s staffing strategies in the areas of Information Technology and Digital Media. For the individual, contracting can provide variety of work, flexibility and lifestyle benefits, and financial rewards.

At Naviro, we consider our contractors to be our business partners – you will be representing Naviro whilst onsite with our great clients. We want to ensure we provide you with open lines of communication and an efficient payroll service so that you can do the best job possible.

Hopefully you will be able to find the answer to most the questions you might have on contracting through Naviro on this web page, but if not you can contact us via:

+61 2 8243 1000
Email us


Once you have accepted an offer of a contract position through Naviro, the first decision you will need to make is whether to be engaged as an independent contractor or have your contract managed by Naviro. We advise that you consult an accountant so as to better understand how this choice will affect your personal circumstances, however, below is a quick summary of the two options.

This is the simplest method of engagement. You provide us with your bank account, TFN and superannuation fund details and we will do the rest. This includes:

• Administer and pay your Public Liability ($20m) and Professional Indemnity ($10m) insurances.
• Administer and pay your Workers Compensation insurance.
• Process your pay on a fortnightly basis and email your pay advice in a pdf doc.
• Reimburse client approved expenses.
• Remit PAYG tax, as well any other deductions that you specify, to the ATO or other Government agencies.
• Administer and pay statutory superannuation into your nominated super fund.
• Advise and process of salary sacrifice and employee super contributions.
• Issue your annual payment summary.

Setting up an administering your own Pty Ltd company can provide additional flexibility for those who have more complex tax requirements, but it also involves a significant time and cost investment that you should be aware of. You will be required to:

• Set up a Pty Ltd company, either through an accountant / advisor, or directly with ASIC.
• Apply for an ABN and register for GST.
• Purchase and administer Public Liability ($20m) and Professional Indemnity ($10m) insurances.
• Purchase and administer Workers Compensation insurance.
• Submit quarterly BAS statements and GST calculations and payments.
• Administer and remit PAYG taxes to the ATO
• Administer and remit your superannuation
• Procure the services of an accountant assure your compliance with your statutory annual reporting obligations.

Pre-Work Admin

After signing your contract with Naviro you will receive an email with your username and password to our online work attendance system. You should log-in and complete your profile, including your bank account, TFN and your superannuation fund details. Once that is completed, you will need to complete some online WHS training, and complete an ID and Visa check. ABN contractors will also need to send current insurance certificates.

Workplace Health & Safety

Instructions on how to complete the online WorkPro WHS training can be found here. Once it is completed you will have the knowledge to identify potential health and safety risks in your workplace. You can always contact Naviro at whs@www.naviro.com.au or 02 8243 1000 to report any risks or incidents, or if you have any questions in relation workplace health and safety.

Pay Schedule

Once you have completed your pre-work admin and WHS training then you are ‘payroll ready’! That means that proving your weekly timesheets have been approved, you will be paid according this fortnightly pay schedule. If you have any payroll queries, please direct them to payroll@www.naviro.com.au. Incorporated / Pty Ltd should send all invoices, insurance certificates and other communications to this address.


If you have decided that you would like Naviro to manage your contract on a PAYG basis then you will need to provide us with details of your super fund. Here is the super standard choice form.