InfraCodersSyd #5 Nomad vs Kubernetes @ Leap Dev

It was a very successful meet up with many attendees.

Jason Gellatly from Big Commerce spoke with us covering the basics of Nomad and how they’ve operationalised it in their company.

Our second guest speaker, Nick young from Atlassian spoke with us about how Atlassian was built and ran their own Kubernetes clusters, and why we think you should do the same.

“In Atlassian’s Kubernetes team, we’ve been building a platform targeted at (in the future) running 95% of our compute. We’ve got a fair load running on our clusters today, and we’ve learned quite a few lessons along the way, both in what’s worked with our design and what’s been hard. Come and hear us explain our experiences, and why we think that, unless you have very specific requirements, you’ll be better off not to do what we did”.

We are looking forward to the next Infracoders meetup here in Sydney….stay tuned!