Women in Cybersecurity (A new insight)

I was privileged to speak at the AWSN (Australian Women in Security Network) group last evening. For those who don’t know, the AWSN is a collaboration and network of women championing women working in Cybersecurity.

Whilst preparing the content for my speech, I was encouraged by a Head of Cyber Security to talk about my recruitment experience, as she is confident that there is a lot of value add and hidden insights that I can share when it comes to an unconscious bias I see towards women in these roles.

After delivering my presentation, I was very surprised to hear candid feedback from other professionals in the field – from Security Architects, to Security Managers, Security Consultants from the Big 4s, etc.

They found my content very informative, and it made them more aware of the unconscious inner image that they have about themselves. One lady who is very respected in this field, shared with me that this topic isn’t new. It has been the same talk for many years now and she was pleasantly surprised to hear these new insights from me. I was humbled and yet thankful to be given the opportunity to share with this amazing community; females who are so deeply passionate about Cyber Security, and it made me determined to put myself out there more. It is about sharing the knowledge and experience that I have. Seeing how it has helped so many people last night, I am encouraged to do more public speaking in the future.

I have extracted 2 of my slides below to share a snapshot of things I talked about:

What are your thoughts on the above questions? Feel free to share your comments so that I can include your valuable insights in my next speaking event!

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